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Crushing hard is only fun when the person you have your eye on is available. Catch feelings for someone in a committed relationship, and it can hurt almost as badly as a breakup. Suzanne Degges-White , Ph. Constantly running into your crush at work or school can cause legitimate emotional agony—but it only feels inescapable. Suzanne Degges-White says. Small tweaks like dodging their desk on your way to the office espresso machine, or saying you're running late when you bump into them in the hall can help you subtly distance yourself. Degges-White suggests. You're not forbidding yourself from talking to them—you're just reducing your own emotional attachment. Seeing your crush's Instagram posts, stories, and status updates will only magnify the sadness you feel when you see him or her, say, taking a couples' hike with someone besides you. It's why Dr. Degges-White suggests curbing your digital interactions with them. You don't have to dramatically unfriend or block your crush —a simple Facebook unfollow, or mute on Instagram or Twitter will do the trick. And if you still end up perusing your crush's tagged pics while bored-browsing your Insta?

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