IV and get some information about it. Premium tanks. Close Menu. The history of the German tank Pz. While the Garage doesn't display Battle Tiers, you can see the maximum vehicle tier a vehicle will meet in battle. Max vehicle tier displayed. IV was the most powerful tank of the Wehrmacht, thus it did not go unnoticed by British intelligence.


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The history of the German tank Pz. IV can hardly be called simple. Created as a support vehicle, it had no pretensions to a better armour plating, gun or ammunition load. Nevertheless, by the time the Rommel corps landed in Africa, the Pz. IV was the most powerful tank of the Wehrmacht, thus it did not wot pz iv s matchmaking unnoticed by British intelligence.

Similar to the case of the Pz. III, in the beginning, the British had limited knowledge about the Pz. They knew by hearsay that the tank was heavier than the Pz.

In intelligence reports, it was called a medium tank, while the Pz. III was classified as a medium-light one. It is worth mentioning that British tankers encountered the Pz. IV in in France, however, due to a rapid defeat of the Expeditionary Force, they had no possibility to get a sample for a study. Nonetheless, they issued a drawing with its image and on December 16,they sent it to an armoured school.

Since high-intensity combat operations against the Germans on the continent ceased, for a long time the British did not have any data on new tanks. British experts decided that that wot pz iv s matchmaking probably a command vehicle equipped with the Pz.

IV chassis, but no other information was received. Due to the almost complete lack of information about the most dangerous enemy tank, the situation was alarming: British tankers were to meet a nearly unfamiliar enemy. The Pz. IV first appeared in North Africa in the spring of Leichte Division. They went into battle by the end of March, totalling, among other tanks, only 49 Pz.

IV, which were numerically inferior to the Pz. The British got their first trophy pretty quickly: in early May, they could inspect an abandoned Pz. IV and get some information about it. The tank front hull and turret armour were 30 mm, and its side armour was 20 mm. The armour of its command pod was also 20 mm, its base and its engine compartment roof were covered by a 10 mm armoured plate.

The front read more was shielded with an additional 30 mm plate, while its sides were partially shielded with 20 mm plates. Its turret was not shielded. The tank armament consisted of a mm cannon and presumably of two 7.

The quality of the tank armour plating was estimated as very low, even worse than that of Czech tanks, but it was assumed that other vehicles could have better armour plating. It was noted that the Boys anti-tank rifle penetrated 25 mm of German armour at a distance of yards m in combat conditions, which made the tank sides very vulnerable, despite partial shielding. As its welds were very weak too, they could crack even under fire of light weapons. According to the calculations of British experts, the Pz.

IV could overcome a 3. The trophy tank fuel distance was estimated to be km, though, according to the British, this characteristic could be overstated.

When firing at the tank sides at ranges of — yards — marmour-piercing shells penetrated its turret and hull. At a distance of yards mprojectiles could penetrate its side armour, but not the opposite side. At a distance of yards, a QF 2 pounder could penetrate the turret front: three projectiles exploded inside the tank, while three other projectiles penetrated its stern. At a distance of yards, the tank front hull was blasted, and the shells left mm deep dents in its stern armour.

At a distance of yards, it was still possible to penetrate the turret front armour. The report also described the experience of using anti-tank No. IV in combat conditions. It proved impossible to penetrate the tank in this way, however, it was possible to disable it by placing a grenade in a vulnerable place: an episode, in which British scouts tracked down a lone tank at night, captured the crew and burned the Pz.

IV, blowing up grenades on its engine compartment roof was given as an example. British experts apologise, san angelo dating sites nice that the Pz.

IV was shielded based wot pz iv s matchmaking the results of a study of captured QF 2 pounders captured in France. They noted that shielded tanks may have been protected against early two pounder armour-piercing shells, but the new ones closed the Germans the door on survival.

The same report mentioned that the Germans had heavy Pz. V, Pz. VI and Pz. VII tanks. The speed of Pz. Soon the British got a moving Pz. It was taken to the Experimental Department of Article source Design and Experiment on November 3,though not without incident. The tank was in good order when it was captured in wot pz iv s matchmaking battle for Tobruk, but on its way, the ship carrying the captured tank was attacked by the Luftwaffe.

As a result, at the time of its unloading in the port, the tank had combat damage because was seriously damaged by a fire and extinguished with a mixture of fire extinguisher and water. There was no chance of any tests, so the British were again restricted to inspection and measurements.

Its estimated 22 tons weight coincided with intelligence data. Experts compiled a description of the hull design, transmission, engine, weapons and suspension, which got quite a lot of their attention. The British also mentioned the bulletproof bolts with tapered heads. Almost no evaluation of positive or negative characteristics of the tank was given in the description, however, there were several exceptions.

It was noted, that its turret-traverse motor had only one speed and was too bulky. According to the British, the fighting compartment, which was only 1. The command pod was also criticized. Of all the crew members, only a driver and a radio-gunner had a satisfactory forward view, but even they had no lateral visibility.

The command pod had an impressive dead space. The inch cm turret ring, which was wider than rings of any British tanks, received a positive assessment. The report mentioned that the tank was fully assembled by welding. The investigated sample did not have plates, the estimated thickness of its front armour was 35 mm. After a thorough inspection, the Pz.

IV was sent to Leyland Motors, where for quite a long time it was under repair, but, judging by documents, it was eventually fixed up. The tank received the registration number of the Tank Design Department and remained at the School of Tank Technologies. On July 9,it participated see more a parade of trophy vehicles. At least until May just click for source,this vehicle remained operational.

The British could not obtain any new information for wot pz iv s matchmaking while: an inspection of the captured hardware did not give anything new. They noted that the Pz. IV burnt easily, even in comparison with other German tanks. Hitting of an explosive fragmentation projectile almost always resulted in a spectacular detonation of ammunition equipment.

Six captured tanks were explored on the battlefield in January Since the tanks were severely damaged, it was possible to climb deeper into their debris and measure the thickness of internal partitions.

It was determined that gasoline tanks installed under the fighting compartment had 5 mm thick plates, the bottom of an investigated specimen was 10 mm thick, and its sides were 22 mm thick. Also the British found that the tank was equipped with additional welded mm pads aimed at protecting its final drive.

The same pads were found in another tank, the only one with a mm plate. This time the plates were much rougher than those of earlier tanks. The same report mentioned that, judging by German documents, the Pz. IV was much more reliable than the Pz.

Just a few weeks later, the Pz. IV reappeared in intelligence reports: three new modified tanks were discovered among captured vehicles. They were equipped with the same plates wot pz iv s matchmaking their turret and on their sides, but their hull fronts were now made in the form of a monolithic mm plate. One sample was left in Britain, two other tanks were sent to the US for a further study. According to the British, the Despite its complexity, it could not be deflected from the vertical to increase visibility, similarly to British observation devices.

The new tank was sent to Farnborough, where it was examined by experts. According to a report published in Novemberit was a new Pz. IV Ausf. E, although in the report it was still called Pz. The trophy was in a bad condition: there were a lot of holes in its https://ubeat.xyz/casual/chanyeol-dating-scandal.php, one of its caterpillars was ruined. Presumably, three 40 mm projectiles penetrated its rear plating and destroyed the tank.

Machine guns, tube sight, go here equipment and other details were missing.