The 76 mm ZiS has a phenomenally good aim time by Soviet standards, and has the rate-of-fire to make up for any shots that may have bounced or missed. View Source View history. Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers. Each tier of tank has a spread of possible tiers that they are able to be matched against relative to their own tier as follows:. Typically finding a close flank you can help hold down or push with heavier tanks. The Soviets never upgraded the original engines on their Matildas. That tank would've gotten PMM.


The Matilda IV is a Soviet tier 5 premium medium tank. A British tank supplied to the U. In December , one Matilda vehicle was equipped with the Soviet As a result, the better penetration rate and use of HE shells significantly increased the firepower. There is no precise data on the large-scale re-equipment of vehicles. Though the Matilda IV is classified as a medium tank, when compared to similar-tiered vehicles it emerges more than equal in terms of durability, but its low mobility lends this tank to be played more as a heavy tank , specifically a tiny stock KV The Matilda IV is more like a heavy tank than a medium tank in playstyle. Like any other slow tank, it requires careful analysis of the enemy team composition and map layout in order to be able to ensure that it arrives in time to make a difference in the battle. The 76 mm ZiS has a phenomenally good aim time by Soviet standards, and has the rate-of-fire to make up for any shots that may have bounced or missed. Its primary failing is the low penetration, especially by the standards of Tier 5. The gun is nearly the same thing as the 76 mm ZiS-5 the KV-1's stock gun or the 76 mm F the T's intermediate 76 mm gun , but oddly way worse than the same gun on the KV ; and even with APCR, it will have a very difficult time penetrating most heavy tanks and some sturdier mediums. The accuracy is also fairly disappointing, making long range shots and targeting weakspots in heavily armored tanks somewhat tricky. The ammunition capacity is also somewhat limited, given the high rate-of-fire, so shots must be taken with care. The Matilda IV boasts good armor for a medium tank, and this combined with its excellent gun depression one of the best in the game makes it very good at fighting on hilly terrain. Many lower tier tanks will have significant trouble penetrating it from most angles, but equal and higher tier tanks, especially heavy tanks and medium tanks armed with howitzers, will have very little trouble penetrating its armor It is also very important to avoid open areas and stay artillery-safe, because even though the Matilda IV does not take too much damage from lower tier artillery, they are still capable of wearing it down with repeated hits.

The Matilda Black Prince is a tier 5 Pub speed a pub dating potsdam la premium medium tank. It was the first British tank released in World of Tanks ahead of the British tech tree. Also learn tactics to use the master playing the Matilda Black Prince.

Accuracy is. Matjlda aiming wot matilda matchmaking sits at 2. This makes hitting targets with your full DPM matcmhaking without a good crew and the right equipment. The lack of penetration does make it hard to fight tanks at long ranges. Since you mztilda very little damage per shot it also is hard to leverage your DPM advantage in most situations.

While the tier 4 Matilda has great armor for its tier the Matilda Black Prince does not. The Matilda Black Prince does have a small size compared to most tier 5 mediums going for it. Its Achilles heal is mobility which is severely lacking. Mobility is the highest hurdle to wot matilda matchmaking while playing this tank.

Albeit you are very slow do not stay to far back from the fighting. Your gun check this out is excellent at One problem area is the 55 ammunition capacity. This is matchmakinh low jatilda stacked up against the ammunition capacity of the Churchill III.

Given the low damage per shot article source wot matilda matchmaking rate of fire you run the risk of running out of shells.

For a tier 5 this is extremely low and poses significant problems. Playing the Matilda Black Prince takes great planning skills since you need to find the right spot early on for your tank. Looking at both teams and figuring out where is best for you is crucial. Typically finding a close flank you can help hold down or push with heavier tanks.

Never go up against tanks with a huge damage per shot advantage matildaa you alone. Your guide was spot on! Keep them coming! I have the same equipment you recommended and have been having great results. I have only played 8 battles but won 7. It seems to be as fun as the t and churchill. Glad you agree. At first I bought it for the British crew read more I plan on getting the tier 10 medium but was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to play and how useful it is.

I own a Churchill and woy gun depression is practically nonexistent, which in times is a learn more here disadvantage. The gun depression sorry, online dating asia free are roughly -6 which is pretty good. Top turret and 57mm Zis-4 does dpm on the T, less if you are sniping with its mailda accuracy and take some time matchmakung, but still way more than the paltry dpm.

The 76mm S the top one with mm pen does dpm. The lesser one with 86mm pen does Hm, you seem to be correct. No clue where I got that number from them since I double checked. Will fix that. One of the things I believe you forgot to mention is the outstanding gun depression.

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I reckon the 2 pounder top gun is best for the standard tank and a 1. The lend-lease seems quite good but only just got matchmakung. Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Home Tank Guides. Share this: Twitter Facebook. I like mine , glad I read this learn a few things. WoT Guru October 1, at pm. WoT Guru October matchmakijg, at am.

Psykmoe October 8, at pm. WoT Guru October 9, at am. I chose to use the 76mm since that is the more commonly used gun on the T Psykmoe October 9, at am. WoT Guru October 10, at am. I love this tank but it has one problem not mentioned here. Its gun elevation is matchmakijg and needs to be considered on hilly amtilda. Jeremy van Dyk December 17, at am.

Which means wot matilda matchmaking you can take the high ground, this tank excels at keeping the enemy at bay. Steve Free dating sites December 30, at pm.