Trans TV in Indonesian. By blueberryjin , February 18, in Random sm snsd f x exo sulli sm entertainment. No-Cut News in Korean. Source: [65]. Retrieved September 8, SM Entertainment Japan Inc. However, according to SM, Jung had unilaterally informed them in early spring that she would leave the group after one more album. Scandal these scandal manage to get attention, they garner fans even before scandals album is launched. It seems like these idols have the freedom to date outside.


A Korean news website had reported that they had been going on secret dates and claimed the two idols had been dating for months. The news, however, came as a big surprise to everybody. While many fans congratulated the couple, many others were upset by the news and accused them of ignoring their fans and fellow members. In fact, the backlash was so severe that some people even started a petition to have Baekhyun removed from EXO! The apologies put out the flames and soon after the petition was taken down with fans fully supporting the relationship. The two dated for 1 year and 4 months before breaking up in Close friends of the couple reported that the two had broken up and gotten back together again multiple times. Although they ultimately decided to part ways in , they still remain as good friends and label mates. Although the two had been spotted together multiple times before because they had been close since their trainee days, in rumors started to fly that they had been spotted on multiple dates together. And shortly afterward, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the news. Luckily, fans from both sides were very supportive of the couple. The big shock was the news that came 1 year and 1 month later.

By blueberryjinFebruary 18, in Random. It seems like it. The artists even say they are allowed to date, meanwhile other agencies sm entertainment dating scandal have a 3 years dating scandak. I bet it was svandal just an immediate love datjng first sight, they must have flirted for months. Lee yeon hee said they are allowed to date just dont get caught. The rule doesn't seem to be very strict either because of the amount of SM artists getting caught and exposed by dispatch and sportsseoul.

If SM really wanted to datibg the rule to be something important, didn't the managers of these SM idols should've prevented them from entertainmenh outside?

It seems like these idols have the freedom to date outside. Also, SM idols themselves dont really seem to be scared of hinting about their relationship status re: Sulli with Choiza, Baekhyun and Taeyeon with those instagram hints. If they're allowed to date then that means they don't have a dating ban.

It's always been known that SM perfers their artists to date within the company. If they date within, it's easy to makes excuses for them. They have dating ban iirc but they're also quite lenient. I guess it's because SM won't be ruined over a dating scandal, unlike other companies. It adds to their 'untouchable' or royalty like image. The internal workings of SM sounds like a dating free for all. I think most big 3 idols date Even during the banned years,they just can't get caught. The big 3 are big enough to manage stuff like this.

Do people think idols follow the dating ban? If anything they dsting hide it and some scqndal better than others. There's probably dating ban in the first few years but generally SM prefers dating within company.

It's better to date within company because when Dispatch wants to release scandals they ask the company if they want to pay up or just release.

If both are from the same company it's just one party to ask. As compared entertainmetn when the other person's company wants sm entertainment dating scandal out for mediaplay. Dispatch always has the dating scandwl, it sm entertainment dating scandal depends on which juicy couple they want to release and which company lets it be done instead of paying up.

In JYP's case not really. Yeah it's suggested, but some of their acts have dated during those bans, they just didn't get caught and admitted it later on. Yeah, SM was already in a mess, why would they purposely create more mess? It's not like the other mess would have been miraculously resolved. Nor I believe couples get revealed just because they got caught.

I am pretty sure there is more talk behind the scene. Sm allows their idols to date within the company, at least to avoid getting caught, but it takes them longer to confirm dating outside the company. Yeah, I have this feeling too.

I think they're encouraged to date inside the company too. Since I started liking sccandal, even though I wasn't I fan of any SME's groups back in that time, I always heard stories about the flirting atmosphere inside the company, many people joked saying that in SM everyone date everyone. It's like an animal kingdom, it's the company reputation.

Its seems to me that SM go easier when its dating within the company with labelmates and even encouraged it as said by Heechul on one few years ago because its scandql to control and advice.

Continue reading when its idols dating outside the company, I think they often don't encourage it or tell their idols to be very careful. People easily believe that dating scandals are trotted out to the public to distract from political scandals, why wouldn't people believe that SM trots out dating scandals to distract ehtertainment from a bigger mess?

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The artists even say they are allowed to date. Which is also why we hardly ever hear of dating scandals for small company groups. Anyway, I don't believe scamdal dating bans. Dating ban is just the talk for fans, lol. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website entertainnent. I accept.