Dayton, OH — Alt Binghamton, NY — Grand Rapids, MI — Twitter feed video. Meet the staff. The two butt-buddies groom each other! Friday Leftovers Charlie has a massive zit or something!


If you were almost scammed into doing a porno through a bait-and-switch once, would you fall for it AGAIN from the same guy? So she killed their puppy and used its blood to fake a miscarriage! A sucker for tech, Rover made the dumbest purchase ever…until Charlie showed off his purchase! The two butt-buddies groom each other! Charlie took his girlfriend Christa to San Francisco for their 10th anniversary. Speculation was rampant that he might propose…did he? RMG-TV More full shows. The Aftermath More of The Aftermath. Friday Leftovers

Jeffrey made a late-night trip to see a big-breasted woman, and thanks to a doorbell cam we have the audio! The two butt-buddies groom each other! Comedian Bobby Lee let it all hang out in his interview…literally! See his nutbag flop out in front roverracio Rover. One of them ended up in tears. Learn what happened! Best-selling author Jeffrey LaRocque is back, this time with start dating after when divorce to brand new non-fiction masterpiece!

After being roverradio hook up hottie for 2 weeks, Jeffrey went directly from the airport to a hot date instead roverradio hook up hottie home to the family. RMG-TV More full shows.

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Duji explains a now-regrettable fashion choice she made back in high school. Load More. More videos for roverradil. Dumb demonstrates erotic crush fetish on Charlie.