David Icke is a British conspiracy theorist who first popularized this concept of reptilian aliens controlling human civilization. I actually believe I might have encountered one once, but I am not certain. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B. Quazar is his real name and likes it best. Grave Distractions Publications. Deaths and disappearances. Of course, just because you have a bad feeling about someone, this doesn't mean they are a reptilian hybrid who is bent on taking over the world—but they could be, so why take any chances? Another infant was inside a special liquid filled tank that was open at the top. Divine Caroline.


And we thought Beau was the best. Stassi's bf's mom is a Psychotherapist. Because I got it. It explained what was going on with me as well, because I had this pattern of what my right hand would build, my left hand would destroy. And its key is my life is being threatened right now, the reptilian brain ignites, it takes me over, my attention narrows, I am focusing on the threat coming at me, correct? And it reacts with fight, flight, or freeze to save my life OK? Once the threat has passed, it lets me go. The problem is that when we are emotionally triggered the reptilian brain ignites. And this is a big deal. The reptilian brain, all it cares about is who lives and who dies. Meaning, that if it is ignited it will induct the people around you. Never underestimate the power of this part of our brain, And when its misfiring it can create great chaos. In fact, once I understood this concept I was aware watching myself that if I was working with a couple in martial counseling, once the reptilian brain ignited and they were emotionally triggered , I started watching as my own emotional ability to solve problems shut down.

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It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. I am a human female and my nickname by what you can call me is Dee. For some ufo entusiasts whom might be proud reptilian dating something new, I am happy to say I am dating and married by reptilian marriage to a reptilian male.

And some new news I have had, I may be pregnant by him. Well, back in the year I met a man named David and we started dating alot in that year and off and on throughout the years. He was age 38 and I was 18 at I was just in college. Last time we dated in his human form was summer Now, he says I have stopped being in human form because the reptilian form is much better to handle for me since it is my original form.

It takes some effort to be in human form. We decided to say something about our love for one another because we are proud to have one another as best friends and lovers and it is a very new type of couple.

We both are seeking understanding of this somewhere out up nas the world, like a couple of here friends of the internet type.

And we love serious nonthreating questions about us. He said and if it is a reptilian-type question or "alien" question in general, he could probably answer those. David's reptilian name is Quazar. David was just the human name took on for the human form. Quazar is his real name and likes it best. Oh and he's the kind of reptilian that has big wings. They are warm when they get wrapped around me He laughed Well, if you count our human times and him just being reptilian around me, we have been dating a total of 19 years.

We are now married by reptilian marriage which is indicated by a scar reptilian dating a deep bite mark by a reptilian in the left hand about at the wrist. Like a wedding ring that can't be lost or removed. The marriage happened last year, Summer in the dead of night, no moon, deep part of the Illinois river. We made love for the first time being in the deep part, black night, no moon for 2 hours total.

That was when he gave me my love bite I call it. At that sealed our marriage. Marriage is by the bite mark, just sex by one don't count. The bite mark or the bite https://ubeat.xyz/casual/married-after-six-months-of-dating.php helps the female, human or reptilian be in close telepathic mind contact to her husband reptilian.

That is how we can keep our marriage tight and that is why they do it to marry. Read more all reptilians live and exist underground. Reptilian dating a few that come and live on the surface in human form to co-exist with humans. Underground is half work areas and half living areas about like apartment types and some are just large room types for living about the size of a motel room to other living spaces being large apartment sizes.

Few humans do co-exist reptilian dating reptilians down there with there being way more reptilians there than the couple of humans that work and stay there.

You should see how big a reptilian can smile!!!! Makes me smile uncontrollably!!! Quazar I wanted to source, reptilian dating has been in the ufo news about some aliens saying they are just going to https://ubeat.xyz/tools/carbon-dating-speed-of-light.php themselves outloud to lots of people on certain dates. Just wanted to say, there are alot of different types of aliens out there so maybe someone needs to ask what kind of alien will because when just one alien from one kind of species says he's going to come out in front of humans for all to see, that really don't mean all aliens one thinks in the back of thier heads.

It is a big universe out there. Lots of stars I call suns and lots of masses going around those stars called planets with galaxies and galaxies all the way around this little solar system for as far as the obsevatories can see. Maybe another alien form did come and say, we would like to introduce ourselves outloud to alot of humans. But, who's to say. In my reptilian head, I say it might be another fake joke to a human just to see what the human would say back.

If the alien was intelegent, he would know foto pemain dating agency to disrupt and scare too reptilian dating humans watch duty online reptilian dating considering it is baby dunlop dating cry reaches known how most humans think and would rather keep thinking and some whom have found out aliens exist even ask the aliens to not disturb the setup of society and culture that humans have.

Humans online dating koh to be ready for that in a majority sense and no, it is not majority so alot of the aliens from around the neighboring space just relay to others that. There is a time and place for everything. And since this is not the time nor place My time to talk, ok, any questions anyone wants to ask my reptilian about what was said, or me about what it is like to date a reptilian dating, questions are welcome.

And I promise I will not get jealous if you talk to Quasar more about alien things than me about source happily in love with a reptilian male. All questions are welcome as long as they are open-minded and are not sarcastic in nature A wedding night video perhaps?

I would also be really interested in seeing pics of your human and reptilian forms? You know what sold me? His name - Quazar. I was skeptical at first. But once I saw the 'Z' in his name, I knew it was legit.

It's a little known fact that reptilians put 'Zs' in the name to pay reptilian dating to their all-time favorite TV show - Kidz Incorporated.

Reptilians find learn more here s totally reptilian dating.

Does he have a brother? Seriously, you just signed up today, and you offer this story but no pics or other proof? Come on And this is in the Gray Area. Not the Reptilian Area- otherwise known as Skunk Works. You've got me curious. You stated in your OP that you're a human female, and then went on to say that you now "prefer your reptillian form".

How is this possible? It seems a bit contradictory. Originally posted by usapolecat reply to post by serbsta. Actually if you read up on it, only Draconians they say have Wings, and only full bloods Sorry, dont buy the story Originally posted by usapolecat We do not send out pictures as we don't want our pictures all over the internet.

Of course. How about this Since we don't really care what you look like, how about you take a picture of your hubby in his reptilian form posing in front of your computer monitor.

BTW, has your husband ever mention David Icke? Is the queen a reptilian? Zecharia Sitchin?