The Louvre was expanded in with nine new galleries that put on display the antiquities collected during Napoleon's conquest of Egypt. The textile industry declined, but at mid-century Paris produced 20 percent of the steam engines and machinery in France and had the third largest metallurgy industry. Josh Henderson and Paris Hilton are separated On 13 November , there were simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris conducted by three coordinated teams of terrorists. They are now on display at the Carnavalet Museum. The most famous project of all, the "Grand Louvre", included the expulsion of the Ministry of Finance, the reconstruction of large parts of the museum, an underground gallery, and the addition of a glass pyramid by I. Between and , Paris grew in population from , to , Model of the Thermes de Cluny , the Roman baths.


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The oldest traces of daating occupation in Paris, discovered in near the Rue Henri-Farman in the 15th arrondissementare human bones and evidence of an encampment of hunter-gatherers dating from about BC, during the Mesolithic period. During the Middle Ages, Paris pafis the largest city in Europe, an important religious and commercial centre, and the birthplace of the Gothic style of architecture. The University of Paris on the Left Bankorganised psris the midth century, was one of the first in Europe.

It suffered from the Bubonic Paris dating history in the 14th century and the Hundred Years' War in the 15th century, with recurrence of the plague. Between andthe city was occupied by the Burgundians and English soldiers. In the 16th century, Paris became the book-publishing capital of Europe, though it was shaken by the French Wars of Religion between Catholics and Protestants. In the 18th century, Paris was the centre of the intellectual ferment known as the Enlightenmentand the main stage of the French Revolution from hisory, which is remembered every year on the 14th of July with a military parade.

In the 19th century, Napoleon embellished the city with monuments to military glory. It became the European capital of fashion and the scene of datijg more this web page in and In the latter part the century, millions of tourists came to see the Paris International Expositions and the new Eiffel Tower.

Between the two wars, Paris was the capital of modern art and a magnet paris dating history intellectuals, writers and artists from around the world. The population reached its historic high of 2. In the paris dating history century, Paris added new museums and a new concert hall, but in it also experienced violent unrest in the housing projects in the surrounding banlieues suburbsinhabited largely by first and second generation immigrants from France's former colonies in the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Inthe city and the nation were shocked by two deadly terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremists. The population of the city declined steadily from untildue to a decrease in family size and an exodus of the middle class to the suburbs; but it is increasing slowly once again, as young people and immigrants move into the city. They are now on display at the Carnavalet Museum. The archaeologists found ceramics, animal bone fragments, and pieces of polished axes. At the beginning of the 2nd century BC, they built an oppiduma walled fort in Nanterre [10] and bridges over the Seine.

Julius Caesar and his Roman army campaigned in Gaul between 58 and 53 BC under the pretext of protecting the territory from Germanic invaders, but in reality to conquer it and annex it to the Roman Republic.

Caesar responded quickly. At the same time, he sent his deputy Titus Labienus with paris dating history legions to subdue the Parisii and their allies, the Senons. The Commander of the Parisii, Camulogeneburned the bridge that connected the oppidum to the left bank of the Seine, so the Romans were unable to approach the town.

Then Labienus and the Romans went downstream, built their own pontoon bridge at Melun and approached Lutetia on the right bank. Labienus deceived the Parisii with a ruse. In the middle of the night he sent part of his army, making as much noise as possible, upstream to Melun. He left his most inexperienced soldiers in their camp on the right bank.

With his best soldiers, he quietly crossed the Seine to the left bank and laid a trap for the Parisii.

Camulogene, hitory that the Romans were retreating, divided his own forces, some to capture the Roman camp, which he thought was abandoned, and others to pursue the Roman army. The Parisii fought bravely serious dating france desperately in what became known as the Battle of Lutetia. Camulogene was killed and his soldiers were cut down by the disciplined Romans.

Despite the defeat, the Parisii continued to resist the Romans. They sent eight thousand men to fight with Vercingetorix in his last stand against the Romans at the Battle of Alesia. The Romans built an entirely historj city as a base for their soldiers and the Gallic auxiliaries intended to keep an eye on the rebellious province. The name probably came from the Latin word lutameaning mud or swamp [18] Caesar had described the great marsh, or maraisalong the right bank of the Seine.

It was laid out following the traditional See more town design along a north—south axis known in Latin as the cardo maximus. On the left bank, the main Roman street followed the route of the modern day Rue Saint-Jacques. The port of the histroy, where the boats docked, was located on the island where the parvis of Notre Dame is today. On the right bank, it followed the modern Rue Saint-Martin. The main building of the forum was one hundred meters long and contained a temple, a basilica used for civic functions and a square portico which covered shops.

Nearby, on the slope of the hill, was an enormous amphitheatre built in the 1st century AD, which could seat ten to fifteen thousand spectators, though the population of the city was only six to eight thousand. The aqueduct also supplied water to the famous baths, or Thermes de Clunybuilt near the forum at the end of the 2nd century or beginning of the 3rd century.

Datig Roman rule, the town was thoroughly Romanised and grew considerably. Besides the Roman architecture and city design, the daring imported Paris dating history cuisine: modern excavations have found amphorae of Italian wine and olive oil, shellfish, and a popular Roman sauce called garum.

Christianity was introduced into Paris in the middle of the 3rd pxris AD. When he refused to renounce his faith, he was beheaded on Mount Mercury. According to the tradition, Saint Denis picked up his head and carried it to a secret Christian cemetery of Vicus Cattulliacus about six miles away. A different version of the legend says that a devout Christian, Catula, came at night to the site of the execution and took his remains to the cemetery.

Denis, which later became the Basilica of Saint-Denis. By the 4th century, the city had its first recognized bishop, Victorinus AD. By AD, it had a cathedral. A new basilica and baths were built on the island; their ruins were found beneath the square in front of the cathedral of Notre Dame.

From untilParis was ruled by Julianthe nephew of Constantine the Great and the Caesaror governor, of the western Roman provinces. When he was not campaigning with the army, he spent the winters of and in the city living in a palace on the ihstory of the modern Palais de Justicewhere he spent his time writing and establishing his reputation as a philosopher. In Februaryhis soldiers proclaimed him Augustusor Emperor, and for a brief time, Paris was the capital of the paris dating history Roman Empire, until he left in and died fighting the Persians.

The gradual collapse of the Roman empire due to the increasing Germanic invasions of the 5th short definition of radiocarbon dating, sent the city into a period of decline.

Inthe city was paris dating history again by the Salian Franks led by Childeric I — The siege of the city lasted ten years. She rescued the city by bringing wheat to the hungry city from Brie and Champagne on a flotilla of eleven barges. She became the patron saint of Paris shortly after her death. The Franks, a Germanic-speaking tribe, moved into northern Gaul as Roman influence declined. Frankish leaders were influenced by Rome, some even fought with Rome to defeat Atilla the Hun.

The Franks worshipped the German gods such as Thor. Frankish laws and customs became the basis of French law and customs Frankish laws see more known as salic, meaning 'salt' or 'sea', law.

The Franks became more politically influential and built up a large army. Inthe son of Childeric, Clovis Ijust sixteen years old, became the new ruler of the Franks. Inhe defeated the last Roman armies, became the ruler of all of Gaul north of the Loire River and entered Paris. Before an important battle against click here Burgundians, he took an oath to convert to Catholicism if he should win.

His conversion to Christianity was likely seen as a title only, to improve his political position. He was you jewish dating online free remarkable king with no fixed capital and no central administration beyond his entourage. By deciding to be interred at Paris, Clovis gave parjs city symbolic weight.

When his grandchildren divided royal power 50 years after his death inParis was kept as a joint dzting and a fixed symbol of the dynasty.

Model of the Thermes de Clunythe Ihstory baths. A Gallo-Roman toga clasp from the late 4th century. Lutetia was famous for its jewelers and craftsmen. They also built the Basilica of Saint-Deniswhich became the necropolis just click for source the kings of France.

None of the Merovingian buildings survived, but there are four marble Merovingian columns in the church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre. The kings of the Carolingian dynastywho came to power best london dating sitesmoved the Frankish capital to Aix-la-Chapelle Aachen and paid little attention to Paris, though King Pepin the Short did build an impressive xating sanctuary at Saint-Deniswhich was consecrated in the presence of Charlemagne on 24 February In the 9th century, the city was repeatedly attacked by the Vikingswho sailed up the Seine on great fleets of Viking pxris.

They demanded a ransom histiry ravaged the fields. At the end of the 10th century, a new dynasty of kings, the Capetiansfounded by Hugh Capet incame to power. Prosperity returned gradually to the city and the Right Bank began to be populated. Its church was rebuilt in the 11th century. The monastery owed its fame to its scholarship and illuminated manuscripts. At the beginning of the 12th century, the French kings parks the Capetian dynasty controlled little more than Paris and the surrounding region, but they did their best to build up Paris as the paris dating history, economic, religious and cultural capital of Friends boomtime dating. A league of merchants, the Hanse parisiennewas established and quickly became a powerful force in the city's affairs.

The fortified castle was a great rectangle of 72 by 78 metres, with four towers, and surrounded by a moat. In the centre was a circular tower thirty meters high. The foundations can be seen today in the basement of the Louvre Museum. Before he departed for the Third CrusadePhilip II began construction of new fortifications for the city. Https:// built a stone wall on the Left Bank, with thirty round towers.

On the Right Bank, the wall extended for learn more here. Many pieces of the wall can still be seen today, particularly in the Le Marais district.

His third great project, much appreciated by the Parisians, was to pave the foul-smelling mud streets with stone. Over the Seine, he also please click for source two wooden bridges in stone, the Petit-Pont and Grand-Pontand he began construction on the Right Bank of a covered market, Les Halles.

King Philip IV r. Two of the great ceremonial halls still remain within the structure of the Palais de Justice. He also built a more sinister structure, the Gibbet of Montfauconnear the modern Place du Colonel Fabien and the Parc des Buttes Chaumontwhere the corpses of executed criminals were displayed. Between andKing Https:// V built a new wall of fortifications around the city: an important portion of this wall discovered during archaeological diggings in can be seen within the Louvre complex, under the Place du Carrousel.

He also built the Bastillea large datihg guarding the Porte Saint-Antoine at the eastern end of Continue reading, and an imposing new fortress at Vincenneseast of city.