I'm smart and sensible and can figure stuff out easily. Do you like watching Ouran host club? Dark brown. Dating password? Prev Quiz Next Quiz. Prev 1 2 Next. No, it was pointless.


Haruhi meets a group of boys called the Ouran High School Host Club while she is trying to find a quiet place to study and gets closer to the members of the host club, forming a tight friendship that we get to follow throughout the series. Find out which Character you are from the anime show Ouran High School Host Club by just answering these simple questions. Blue- I'm pretty much calm and collected and in times of panic I don't flip out on others but keep to myself. Red- I'm very sensitive and get upset easily. I'm also easily annoyed and ticked off and can be hard to handle. Purple- I'm not afraid to speak my mind and I'm for sure not a coward and will stand up for myself and others. Yellow- I'm bright and bubbly and enjoy having fun. I love everyone and everything but I can also be fierce. Orange- I'm bright but clash in my own way. I get annoyed easily and don't mingle with to many others but enjoy annoying others. Brown- I don't mix well with other colors people and I stay by myself. I'm smart and sensible and can figure stuff out easily.

Register free or login! Today Categories Guru's Ohran Submit. Boys Girls Either one is fine. What about them? Men continue reading act like men and girls should act like girls! You hear that Haruhi!!! T-T They're what we are but do not restrict us on who we can date, what we can do, and how we can dress. Rich Poor. I read article rich clkb. Your "favorite color" is NOT an important question.

None of your business. They broke a valuable vase and was forced to work for me and my friends. I was asking one of their friends for help and fell in love. I've been playing a love simulation video game and found the character in real life and flew puran to be with him. Ouran highschool host club dating quizzes than you? The same age as you? Older than you? Grab the nearest horse and carriage and go after them click at this page stop them from going and to call off clkb engagement.

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