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Alternatively search Google for MBM. Search for abbreviation meaning, word to abbreviate, or category. Shortcuts for power users - examples. Skip to main content. Rating Rating Alphabet Length. Married Black Male. ConceptDatingEscort. Magnetic Bubble Memory. Computer MemoryTechnologyIM. Meat and Bone Acromym. Mind-Body Medicine. MedicalMindHealth. Market Basket Measure. BusinessCanadaPoverty. Masters in Business Management. UniversityHttps://

Meat Datin Manifesto. MusicAlbumBeat. Melanoma Brain Metastases. OncologyMedical. Men's Badminton. SportSport CodeSports. Emergency MedicineAcronymm. Mission Based Management. ManagementAdministrationGoverance. Multiband Mucosectomy. RadiologyMedical. Muslim Brotherhood Movement. Master of Business Management. EducationScienceTechnology. Mugniram Just dating a guy Memorial.

Magical Butter Machine. OilTechnologyCannabis. Magna Business Management. Maha Bhoga Marga. BaliTechnologyIndonesia. Mainframe Batch Manager. Next Suggest to this list. Related acronyms and abbreviations Abbr. Meaning MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Human Mbm acronym dating. Chief Executive Officer. Chief Financial Officer. Delegation of Authority.

Repetition Maximum. Chief Operating Officer. Quality Assurance. MedicalHealthOncology. BusinessTechnologyEducation.

BusinessTechnologyNuclear. BusinessManagementOilfield. CrossfitWorkout acrpnym, Sport. SportMbm acronym datingRunning. BusinessTelecomManagement. MedicalTechnologyNuclear. Sports acrohym, BaseballSoftball. Share MBM Abbreviation page. Meat and Bone Meal Veterinary. Melanoma Brain Metastases OncologyMedical. Multiband Mucosectomy RadiologyMedical. Mainframe Batch Manager Technology.