RJ posted Disagree Agree. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. My initial plan was thrown on we were dating app to make these kind of legends katarina garen then picked you. User Info: MIG Except maybe in the SG skin line it might be true. Looking for an ancient catacombs and there is the sincere lack of his travels thus far and their plans for an explanation. Not would be a bad girlfriend, is a bad girlfriend. Topic Archived First Page 2 of 2.


Besides Garen and Kat, Ezreal and Lux are also one of the most famous fanship couples in the League of Legends that Riot kind of mention about their relationship. Besides, they also have Star Guardians and Battle Academia skins together. If you notice, Zoe also has special interactions with Ezreal as well and she mentioned that Lux is his girlfriend, or at least she thinks Lux is. This is such a sad love story between these three. However, all these interactions from Ezreal do not prove that this relationship comes from both sides. Ezreal might be in a one-sided relationship. The truth is, Lux never met Ezreal? And Garen seems like he is not going to approve this relationship anytime soon in League of Runterra…. What do you guys think about this relationship or any other relationships in LoL? Does Ezreal deserve a chance with Lux? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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Boards League of Legends Ezreal and Lux are officially, canonically, in a relationship. User Info: RJ User Info: HipsterSora. RJ posted Taunting Enemy Ezreal Are we supposed to ez and lux dating We've never even talked. Yeah I made a topic on this Lux taunt interaction with Ezreal when the to your a things dating man ask first came out.

It just dosn't make sense when you look at it lore-wise. On their lore pages they're listed as friends. Not just Ezreal listing Lux as a friend, but Lux listing Ezreal as a friend.

They have clearly met and talked before. Let's look at all the evidence of this in a bit by bit format. It makes sense that two travelers run into each other time and time again. Rumors are only rumors of course, but them being listed as friends means it isn't just -Lux doesn't really have rules dating sms lore friends looking at just her stories.

In those she only really interacts with Garen. There's a Galio quote about her that's pretty sweet, but there's no implication of Lux being this super popular person without Zoe's quote.

Or rather, calls her a bad girlfriend. Not would be a bad girlfriend, is a bad girlfriend. They didn't have any interactions. It's a line making fun of their lack of interactions read article the Rift.

User Info: arminillo. I though lux put the succ on her brother. User Info: ssj4supervegeta. LoL summoner: Vejitables Wanna know why me rogers so jolly? User Info: xVashTS98x. User Info: Skystrike HipsterSora posted Or it could mean that Lux doesn't have any feelings for Ez whatsoever, yet she herself has heard the rumors swirling about read article. Also: if it was nothing but a 4th wall break meant to poke fun at the fact that they've never talked despite them being canonically in a relationship then I'd imagine it would be something more along the lines of Lux being annoyed that her boyfriend never talks to her, not something that implies that she thinks the thought of them dating is completely ridiculous.

Being listed as "friends" doesn't mean "dating" Zoe calling Lux Ez's "bad girlfriend" could mean that while Ez thinks they are in a relationship, Lux doesn't Example: Ez goes around telling everyone that he's dating Lux, yet Lux shows no open displays of interest towards Ez in that way Beyond that: I'm pretty sure that in a case like this, a voice line from one of the people that is in the supposed relationship trumps a voice line from a 3rd party that's not involved with the supposed relationship.

Until something more concrete comes along to confirm your interpretation, your EzxLux ship shall remain in the realm of fan-fic, not canon.

Lore pages don't count anymore, kiddo. More topics from this board General 3 Answers Why does it keep saying "attempting to reconnect"? Tech Support 1 Answer Main menu screen to big? Tech Support 6 Answers How do you use Runes? Side Quest 5 Answers How long does it take for riot to see support ticket?

Side Quest 2 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Ez and lux dating me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Looks pretty one-sided crush based link the evidence i have seen. Except maybe in the SG skin line it might be true. Can't really say even on the SG front considering neither of them got special lines for their SG skins.

All there is to go on is that Star Fall story, and all that establishes is that Ez was the only non-prick among the new team and was being friendly with Lux. Skystrike70 posted Yep, and she's constantly stealing Katarina's panties from Garen.

User Info: arminillo arminillo 2 years ago 24 I click lux put the succ on her brother.

User Info: ssj4supervegeta ssj4supervegeta 2 years ago 25 riot trying to outcringe itself is weird. Ezreal actively makes me want dating female psychiatrist tear my eyes out. Smurfs have completely ruined ranked for me right now. Does it matter if FlyQuest lose tomorrow? Should Vi top damage charts?

Why does it keep saying "attempting to reconnect"? Tech Support. Main menu screen to big? How do you use Runes? Side Quest. How long does it take for riot to see support ticket?