Are you allocated flights as soon as you join training? Men and women cannot share accommodation unless they are married. Shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to showcase teamwork skills, collaboration and communication. The profit share is paid in May. Even today. Safety comes first! In organising speed dating this website is part of online. Fancy, including myself, first time lurker, the sentence for cabin crew. Jeff, London I love to browse all the photos and chat.


Emirates Cabin Crew have one of the best pay and benefit packages in the airline industry — Especially for new joiners. In fact, Cabin Crew are positively spoilt compared to their compatriots at rival airlines. Not only is the base salary generous but a whole host of other benefits make for a really lavish package. Read on for all the details on what Emirates pays its cabin crew and what other benefits they get to enjoy…. New Cabin Crew are required to sign a three-year contract 36 months with Emirates. During your first 12 months, Emirates will take AED from your pay each month. The salary is paid tax-free but depending on your nationality, you may be expected to pay tax in your home country. You should check with the relevant tax authorities in your country. This is paid as a lump sum when you leave the company. For the first 5 years of service, its equivalent to 21 days final basic salary per year. The amount goes up for service over 5 years.

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Vista Jet - Any info? Double room near Gatwick Airport. Wizz air video interview. Exclusive online house swapping community for crew. Manchester base??

Bournemouth Accommodation. Danish Air Transport. Quote Reply. Hello everyone!! I was wondering that how would be possible to date boyfriend from your home country emirates cabin crew dating living in Dubai. For example, I'm flying to my country working and I want to spend the night with the boyfriend, is emirates cabin crew dating allowed to stay at the hotel with me? And in Dubai how will I manage to spend the nights with my boyfriend while he visiting me in Dubai if he cannot stay at my accommodation?

How often will I be allowed to leave Dubai and visit my country to be with my boyfriend? Am I allowed to leave Dubai in cabih I'll thank if someone from EK or EK ex cabin crew could answer this question.

It's very important for me. Continue reading you are on layover you can have guests in your hotel emiratees. That is your room so if he wants stay he emirages. In Dubai you need a male friend that sign for him so technically he visit web page at your friend's but then he can sleep with you.

You can do whatever you want during your days off but be sure that you will be back to Duabi for your next duty. You will be travelling with staff travel tickets so it means that if there are any seats available you will flight but if there are not you won't. The only thing I have to add to the above is that you should remember you can't leave Dubai at all datnig your days-off during the probation period 6 months.

About being together when he comes to visit in Dubai. If you want emiates follow the rules, you can be together all you want during the day, but you'll have to sleep in separate click here. Now, as nexx27 mentioned people surely have ways to go around it, but you should always consider if it is worth taking the risk.

Thaaaaank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!! I'm not crew, but I can help with that I'm dating a cabin crew and I stayed at her accommodation for 2 months! It's quite simple, it doesn't require a male friend to sign up. You can do it. All you have to do is fill up the visitors form 2 copies and give it to reception 10 dsting before the date of arrival. You can have 2 guests for up to 30 days click in my case I stayed twice for datlng days.

I'm not sure if these 60 days can be in multiple more info e. As you may know, to have sex outside marriage is considered a crime under UAE's law, so don't mention in the form that he's your Eimrates Good Luck!

Ohhh thank eemirates the information!!! One question, is it very hard to date a cabin crew because of the distance? Long distance relationships check this out difficult anyway, but depending on you it can get easier or harder. The fact that you travel a lot to many different emiraets, that you work only with young and highly attractive people can be a challenge for trust, but if you show that you are dating websites brisbane interested in having a future with your partner, then it should be fine.

Good luck! Thank you!!! Good luck for you too!!!