You know that there is something better you can be, but your own foolishness stops you from getting there. Im a little shy myself but i have no problem talking to anyone, have to do it at work and at social occasions. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. One asterisk is placed on either side. Problem is I suck at socialising. This is used to prevent bots and spam. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Here are some examples.


You are not allowed to delete your posts and post again if you are not satisfied with the answers. We recommend that you format your posts to make it more readable. This involves splitting up your long posts into paragraphs, and proper punctuation and grammar. If you have an issue with the content on the subreddit, use the report button or contact the moderators. I Need Advice Dating a shy guy? I met a guy a few weeks ago on a dating app. We hit it off and are getting ready to go on our 6th date. I do like him. Sounds normal for a shy person, he could be crazy about you and you wouldn't really read that. I'd recommend just asking him, no sense playing around and it'd probably make you both feel better putting it in the open. One of you has to make a move. Otherwise you run the risk of friendzoning yourself. Or losing interest. Or getting passed up for someone else.

I think shy guys have it worst in dating self. Girls like confident guys. They even prioritize confidence over looks and money. As a shy guy you are at a huge disadvantage. A girl may not mind your shyness and might even find it endearing not common but you still have to ask her out. He talked about how great his game was and how he was amazing at slaying, but warned me to stay away from the bar that we were walking toward because they had just denied him entry for being a "short brother" because they were "heightist".

I'm quite short myself and had no trouble getting into that bar though I didn't do any slaying that night, maybe that dude was on to something I can't see them getting much game but I guess if you try with girls a day some will fall into the flattery?

Makes dating a shy guy reddit. I guess they don't think they deserve or can get better. Most girls aren't like this, but there are definitely those who are. That's why hitting on girls is a numbers game. And in fact seeing a shy guy be confident with you is even more hot, because then you know you're special.

Was just early-on dating a "shy" boy. I thought it was cute, sweet or whatever that I made him nervous. Was not a turn off. Then he began asking questions WAY too early like, do I like him, do I really like him, would I hang out with other guys alone, would I sleep with other guys we had not slept together yet.

I don't want to re asses every day if I like the person just to give them an answer. When I ended it he tried to use his lack of confidence as an excuse, not to change but he is just that way, and I told him to fake it until he makes it. Not sexy. I think shy would normally equal not a lot of confidence but being dating websites dumbest quiet person can often make you look shy even though attractive online profile example have confidence.

I break my own balls for being an introvert and it pisses me off! Sit there in my room stewing thinking I could be out doing stuff and I just continue to sit there! It favors being outgoing over being shy. Being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean you're shy, it means you find social interaction taxing and get refreshed by alone time.

Extroverts tend to find solitary activity taxing and get refreshed by socializing. So being outgoing is naturally easier for extroverts, but doing things like initiating social activity and event planning is still work and a learnable skill separate from your personality type. I'm very outgoing but I'm also extremely introverted. I can go out, chat to a bunch of different people, always find something dating a shy guy reddit talk about, and make friends easily.

On the other hand, I only want do that sort of thing about once or twice a month. You can be a shy extrovert as well.

I think I've probably met more shy extroverts than outgoing introverts, tbh. As an introvert, I've went out on the weekend before and had such a crazy social night that Dating a shy guy reddit don't leave my apartment for like a month.

Which will probably make the attraction fade? However I do not want to seem like a player and ask multiple girls out. In the Same community. So pick the one you like the best. Honestly if the girl is into you it doesn't matter what method you choose to ask her out. Just start talking to one.

Doesn't mean you have to ask her out. Https:// get to know her. Most women don't like when guys just jump the source like that. Ask for her number, or if you already have it, just go from there. I've tried this. Either i'm uglier than I think I am, or it doesn't work.

I hope it's not the latter hahaha. As a girl, I think you can just say whatever pops into your head? Shows that you're trying at least and she'll probably appreciate the effort if she's a decent person.

Yeah, just say something, anything, be nice. I'm click at this page pretty shy but much improved from where I used to be.

Put yourself out of your comfort zone and take it step by step. I think the difficulty might be understanding which steps are in the right direction and those that are not. Everyone is born with different traits at different levels.

If you want one trait to be higher you're gonna have to do some grinding. I see what you mean, and you're definitely right that it has a gendered aspect. But women particularly average looking ladies are not immune from this.

I am a shy woman and have never been asked out in my life. The only reason I'm seeing someone now my first bf at 21 is because I got drunk, worked up every ounce of courage, and asked him I also think shy guys who are good looking in a very generic way probably do slay and they come across a 'strong, silent types'.

Idk, dating marriage usa I've never been a guy so it's hard to be sure. I would have considered myself shy a year ago. I'd say shyness is a fault that you have to overcome to be a more real person. If it's stopping you from succeeding in life in ways you know you could if you just acted out your own thoughts, which is exactly what shyness is, then I would say it's one of the worst problems a person could have.

You know that there is something better you can be, but your own foolishness stops you from getting there. Stop me if I'm wrong, but shyness is basically being overwhelmed by fear emerging from chaotic situations. Situations you can't characterize with your current understanding of the world. Learning how to overcome those sorts of things takes you out of the ocean and gives you legs, and it turns you from a puppet to a man.

Jordan Peterson helped me gain a lot of confidence. I'm more of the type of person who needs nice explicit explanations, and he does that. I couldn't even talk to a woman without freezing up, and now I have friends who are women, and I'm dating someone. Wowjust wow. Pinpoint just described my situation. Shyness doesnt prevent me from achieving things in life or in workbut with girls it's just aweful. I've had some opportunities but i've always screwed up due to my timidity.

Asking girls out is not a problem but taking it to a next level always is Here's a collection of clips that I watch every once in a while from Peterson's lectures. This is about where the relevant stuff starts, but if you like it I'd recommend watching the beginning of the playlist too. You can find a lot of other clips by searching around, but I'd also recommend going to his youtube channel and watching full lectures too. I really like a lot of his independent ones, separate from his classes.

I haven't watched the more recent ones though. Go here work your way outta that exasperating shyness. And not only for getting girls, dude. That overwhelming shyness will get in your way for the most gratificating potential experiences in your life.

Forget about the girls, you are missing out other amazing aspects, let alone get laid. Work on it dude, you know the problem, you probably know the solution. Seek theraphy if necessary, it totally helps. From a less shy now guy to a shy guy. I click to see more you have other things about your personality that would attract someone.

He just said hi and that he sees me with my friend at seminar all the time and was wondering if I was a biochemist grad student?

And when I replied yes to him, he just left!! I was baffled because I thought he was hot! And he just asked me those questions and left but it was pretty obvious that he was shy and awkward. Again, hang in there!!! My guy is shy, but he's confident. Preferring to hang in the background does not equal having low confidence.

He's the strong, silent type, which I chronic pain online dating more attractive than a guy who is highly extroverted and needs to garner attention. To me, that is indicative of lacking confidence below the surface. I agree with this completely. I am not one to speak out dating a shy guy reddit a crowd, but I can be quite confident at times.