Since the tragic events of September 11, the "Major" airlines had not been hiring, and some had furloughed their current flight attendants. If you pass that phase, then you will go through some general skills testing, a physical exam and a psychological test. The best info you can get is from someone who does this type of work. You will only get that training from the airline its self! For my airline, reserve was several 24 hour days in a row where you never knew when or if you would be called in, but you had to be ready to be to the airport in 2 hours. Any sort of advice helps. Many companies hold "job fairs" or "career days" for interested people. Since you live in Canada, it would be nice to be able to speak French.


Can you please tell me what it's like to be a flight attendant? I've always wondered what its like and have considered it for a job. What are the hours like? I'll give it to you straight, and it's not all pretty :- I don't want to discourage you, because it is an exciting and fun job, however it is not an easy job. Most people at my airline quit in under a year because they didn't make enough money or couldn't work with the hours. I lived with my parents at the time, so I was able to make it work. As to where you travel, it depends on the airline you work for. I worked for a regional airline Major carriers go all over, though FAs with longevity usually get the trips they want with nice layovers in places like Paris. It doesn't mean you won't go there, just maybe not as much and maybe not as long a layover. The hours can be really tough, no matter what airline.

What courses can i do? How long do they go for before I can start working in the industry and how easy is it to gain employment? Do NOT attend school. ALL training for flight attendants is done by the airline that hires you, and if you already have training, they will have to re-teach things irish dating site you were taught different from how they do things. Here's a link with all the advice you'll need if you're serious about becoming a flight attendant.

Don't waste your money on a so-called flight attendant or cabin crew school. All airlines are required to train their cabin crews regardless of previous experience or training. Most airlines won't hire someone under 21 if they serve alcohol on board theitr aircraft. You should at least attendabt a xnswers diploma but college is preferred.

Being able to speak one or more foreign languages fluently is an asset. Being a certified EMT is also a desirable skill. You must also have excellent personal and professional references. Answegs you've never held a job before then your school attendance and academic record may suffice.

Medical problems, a bad yahol history, any legal judgements against you, anzwers any history of drug or alcohol abuse is grounds for disqualification. Not all airlines have this requirement, but as a general rule the height limitation is a minimum of 5' 2" cm and maximum of 6'2" cm with weight in proportion to height.

They generally state you must also be able to lift 50 lbs too. If you meet all of the above criteria, simply start sending applications. Most wnswers have a "careers" website through which you can submit a resume and application and learn more information. If you are selected for a phase-1 interview then they will evaluate you on personality, appearance and bearing and a few other attributes. If you pass that phase, then you will go through some general skills testing, a physical exam and a psychological test.

If you pass that, then you visit web page be offered a class date subject to passing a background check. If you do well in class, then you eating be offered a job. There are so many people who would like to attain this career that it is highly competetive, so you must keep trying in order to succeed.

Consider the first several interviews gay hookup practice. It usually requires before you get an offer. Half the battle is being invited to an interview. Many companies hold "job fairs" or "career days" for interested people. Plan on going to a few of those, even if it requires traveling to get there. Too many people think of sports betting as just something they do in their past time.

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You might also want to check the criteria required on airlines for their flight attendants. Good luck. I would be a little afraid to be a plane with you if you're asking how to become a flight attendant on yahoo! If anyone is a flight attendant or knows some useful information for me, that would be great! Thanks heaps! Answer Save. What dating a flight attendant yahoo answers you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer.

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