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Online dating has come a long way from simple text-based Yahoo Personalsbut we still can't seem to get away from the vaguely creepy learn more here who lurk around most online dating sites. So rather than filling out lengthy online applications and trusting here the algorithm, Coffee Meets Bagel figures, why not just leverage your Facebook friends to find you a non-threatening mate?

And since you need a place to have that awkward first meeting, here's a deal at local restaurants and cafes. It's Groupon meets Match. Ong to bring the service to San Francisco known for its great coffeeits new company headquarters. It's a nice chunk of cash for a 5-month-old company with 50 percent month over month growth,introductions, and 6, real-world connections. To get started, you sign up with your Facebook account and give CMB your age, gender, religious and ethnicity preferences if any for your ideal date.

CMB then scours your Facebook connections for a match and sends you one result, called a Bagel, every day at noon via e-mail. If you don't have here Facebook friends, you're not doomed to be single forever. If you like your Bagel, you can set up a real-world date by clicking the "Like" button in the e-mail. If not, click the "Pass" button and move on to the next day's match. No one will know that agree definition of radiocarbon dating in chemistry and don't bagels and cream cheese dating site to date your sister's boyfriend's co-worker and especially the poor sap you rejected.

If bagels and cream cheese dating site like is mutual, CMB will give you a private phone line for seven days to exchange texts, so you can set up a date without giving out your real number. When it's time to meet for a cup of coffee, or dinner and a movie, CMB gifts you a free appetizer, dessert, or cup of coffee at a nearby restaurant or cafe.

It acts as a sweetener so you will actually go out and meet your date face-to-face in vegan dating australian real world. Like Groupon, it also gives you an incentive to dine at a participating restaurant. You get free food, and the business gets a new customer. So far it's been local cafes and wine bars in New York City giving out a free cheese plate or offering a latte when the pair walks in together.

CMB is free to sign up and use, but the company charges for credits, called Coffee Beans, that unlock more information about your match. For instance, you can see your match's profile for free, but if you want to know who your mutual friends are, it will cost you 65 Coffee Beans, or 65 cents. You can buy Coffee Beans on the site in2, and 3, increments, but if you don't want to demek ne dating sitesi the money, you can earn them by filling out your CMB profile, inviting friends to use the service, or giving feedback on why you passed on a match.

You can already pick from far too many dating sites that use matching algorithms and in-depth personality profiles, so why bother with Coffee Meets Bagel? Well, if the cute name doesn't make you smile, maybe the simplicity of sharing free chocolate bonbons with a Facebook acquaintance you join.

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