I do hope you find happiness, you deserve nothing less. I've known a spectacular Aquarius Lady for a little over 8 months. An Aquarius man will provide intellectual stimulation and is able to set limits, but sometimes he can be a bit cold. I love my wife and don't want to lose her. Based on my own observations being an Aquarius woman with my new Pisces beau, I have to agree that he is by far the most romantic man I have ever met. Aquarius woman is not materialistic in any way. I think I'll always love him and he's the one that got away, but I'm not giving up!! My suggestion to you aqua ladies is learn how to be more consistent and reliable.


An Aquarius man and a Pisces woman are a rather mismatched pair by zodiac sign. Like most adjacent signs, they do not have much in common. An Aquarius man is rational and is not very demonstrative, and a Pisces woman is emotional and needs affection and reassurance. Even so, this pairing is not impossible. An Aquarius man enjoys defying expectations, and a Pisces woman is unusual enough to interest him. While an Aquarius man might not give a Pisces woman the emotional support that she needs, he is stable, which will give her an anchor. He will also be accepting of her otherworldly nature. Although an Aquarius man enjoys being with other people, there is often a remote quality to him. He does not tend to initiate contact. Instead, he waits for others to come to him. He can seem open-minded because he listens to the ideas of others with interest, but it is rare that he ever changes his own mind about anything.

The Pisces man is the life of the party in year There san francisco matchmaking not deal he cannot close, not setting in which he cannot network to his own personal advantage. Keep in mind that even the best of times can spiral out of control. That's when having a strong relationship can be a lifesaver, a much needed reality check. The Aquarius woman may dwting to be the voice of reason, reminding the Pisces man that health appointments cannot wait.

The Pisces man might not want to hear this message but relationships aquariuz doing the hard work of speaking the truth of out love and devotion. The Aquarius woman is doing just that and needs to stay the course. Aquarius and Pisces make a strange combination with some flickering and https://ubeat.xyz/lifestyle/is-siv-hd-dating-sovitia.php smooth moments. An Aquarius can learn a lot from Pisces in aquarius dating pisces man association and the Pisces always feels very compassionate and concerned towards Aquarius.

The relationship works fine till the time the Aquaius displays cold and detached attitude, which can hurt Pisces very much. A Pisces man is calm, thoughtful, quite gentle and compassionate person, most of the time. He can tolerate a lot and let most of the bad pass him by. Making a Pisces male angry aquarius dating pisces man like witnessing a very different and stern side of him, but this rarely happens.

He may be confused when it comes to a similar free online dating rockhampton decision, but he is more than willing to give his all to someone he loves whether it be his lover or a family member. Being soft and compassionate, he usually proves to be a great partner to women from most of the zodiac signs.

An Aquarius woman is an admirable human being with so many interesting colors in her personality that can amuse anyone. Aquarius dating pisces man is not at all materialistic in any way.

In fact, a simple romantic gesture gets her every time. She is not so easily surprised either. Though, she herself is the one who usually does the surprising, especially with her whimsical and crazy thoughts that float through her head.

Even though she craves her freedom to continue to be her individualistic self, once she falls in love, she is forever of her lover. Aquarius woman commits herself to the man she loves as soon as he has proven to be her very best friend.

And the Pisces man is able enough to show her that he is not in the relationship just for datng heart and body but for her intellectual mind as well. In an Aquarius woman, he sees his own strengths in self sacrificing himself for her without a hesitation. Most of the time, she prefers her Pisces man to show his friendship before his love.

She initially spills her all to her new Pisces man lover in hopes that he actually listens to what she has to say. She supports him and makes sure to be on his side in all walks of life. Neither of them likes to nan promises as https://ubeat.xyz/lifestyle/dwarfs-dating-sites.php hate to break them when given.

The only difference here is that Aquarius woman will be open about not wanting to give a promise. Pisces man is quite taken by Aquarius woman. Her odd behavior does not faze him and he knows how to tolerate such antics.

She has a need, a craving for her independence and adventure. She keeps this in daitng life to here herself up in the clouds where she is happiest. That is until Pisces male comes along. Something about his attitude and attention toward her brings her out of the clouds and back down to earth. She attentively listens to all of the advices that has to be given by the Pisces man, though she ends up doing things her way anyway.

The good thing about it is link he always supports whatever she decides to do with a gentle smile and strong cooperation. The sweetness in the relationship of Aquarius woman and Pisces man is even sweeter than honey. They know each other, understand the needs of each other and support the other whenever required.

The humbleness of the Pisces man teaches her to feel safe around him both about her individuality as well as her emotions. Likewise, he also feels utmost comfort in sharing his dreams with her, who patiently listens to him and give all of hers to help in make them come true.

None of them has ego problems and they both are ready to submit to each other both emotionally and physically with such a romance that is even envied by the angels of heaven. Sex between Aquarius woman and Pisces man is not so much an experience as it is an experiment.

With such a mental bond between the two, they reach new levels in their lovemaking, much more aquarius dating pisces man than the ordinary couple in love. With time and deepening of their understanding and emotions, there comes harmony and a wonderful smooth flow to their relationship.

Aqjarius woman loves life and carries this into her aquariius bond with her Pisces man, and he realizes that long treasured dream he has only been able to dream aquairus his Aquarius woman helps him find it.

If anyone is able to find the true romance in a bond, it is the unison of these two. There are some arguments and differences between Pisces maj and Aquarius woman.

She may find him too dreamy at sometimes and feel that he is losing opportunities while he finds his Aquarius woman very aloof and cold at times, giving no response to his love and romantic gestures. This can create problems in their relationship.

He has the fear of losing his own regard for himself and what he needs and she is afraid of losing her individuality. But quarreling is sometimes a funny thing when it occurs between two people who love each other, especially when it is Aquarius woman and Pisces man. They quarrel back and forth when in fact all they are really thinking is how much each one wants the other one.

The little things can easily be overlooked and the bond between them can keep on growing dating factory login This describes my relationship with my Pisces boyfriend perfectly.

I tend to overthink, I dive into logic way too much sometimes, and he helps me to go and feel more with my heart, and a little less with my mind. He respects my independence, he encourages me to be the best version of myself unconditionally.

He definitely has things that I lack, and viceversa. He tends to be too dreamy and sometimes I have to bring him down to the ground a little bit. But, regardless of our little differences, all I can say is that I adore him, I never new someone so dedicated, so generous, so kind… I love him dating internet drawbacks of love his heart.

All Aquarians are water-bearers, and Pisces need water to swim. Thus, it can work with a Pisces if they are mature and emotionally healthy, like all signs. I am an Aquarius female dating a male Pisces and this could not describe him more! He is head over heels for me and Aquarius dating pisces man am working really hard piscces open myself up and reciprocate the emotions because I do really like him. That is why I have been doing so much reading on our compatibility!

I think this love can absolutely work and be amazing as long as they are both working on it, kind of like I am doing! I think Pisces and Aquarius can work, if the Pisces is mature…and the Aquarius is open-minded, at the same time. If you think Pisces are cold and have a tiny heart? You are sadly mistaken.

No zodiac sign has a bigger heart aquariks a pisces. Maybe look at your approach to a pisces to see if that is throwing them off their normal selflessness and caring gentle nature. WE were married Not all happy years.

Hi wanda, I am an aquarius women that recently got out of the realtionship with a pisces man of several years. I met a gemini man and wow we are so compatible. Things rating work between us and oisces love that is growing feels very natural and it feels like all dahing wounds of my past cant hold me back and I am a kid falling in love for the first time again.

What love means to an aquarius, gemini can understand. It is not necessarily physical passion, but a closeness and romance of the mind. Sweet words of love turn me on faster than anything. My Pieces man is the most lovable, caring and the most emotionally intelligent man I have ever dated.

This article definitely reassured me that I made the right choice. Literally a demon. This man is actually evil, and I have never said this about something in my entire life.

Completely heartless, aquagius and self serving. At least I jan know somewhere in his cold tiny heart he is capable of hot feeling and love. He is verbally abusive and starting to show signs of being physically abusive as well. He calls me nasty names when he is angry at me for the most trivial things like forgetting to get the mail. And Aquarius placement women have put head in the clouds for this kind of thing happens often. He has no forgiveness in his heart for simple mistakes like this.

One minute he is throwing things in my direction. Next minute he is trying to laugh with me. I have been so tolerant and patient. Ignoring the red flags and just choosing to love and care for him. It feels like torture. I am always trying to soothe him and make things good between us I do have my faults and start fights too. But the way he fights has become so abusive and hurtful… when we fight all I ever want to Seldom.

should i use online dating sites think is to let my feelings be known and try to work past it. Now I find myself wishing to just be happy… and I have finally given up all hope of being happy with this man. It does appear as if he has some deep rooted phycological issues that may have stemmed from his past. I had a very jealous Pisces husband when we were first married.